Through number of failures in business, I have learned my limits as an individual. Since then, I have made it my business to find passionate and uniquely talented individuals to work together in creating opportunities and building successful ventures together. 

I have built and operated businesses in import, export, insurance, travel, education, and banking; operated a business incubator for immigrants; and have a solid understanding of the geopolitical and cross-cultural business environment of East Asia. 

Whether you are looking to expand your operations overseas; looking for a buyer or supplier overseas; seeking a joint venture partnership in Canada; searching for investment opportunities in BOT, BOOT, BOO or BLT projects; or simply in need of help with your cross-cultural negotiations or foreign market penetration strategy; I CAN HELP.    

With my experience and the firm belief that building working relationships is the foundation to building successful businesses and profitable projects, I am offering my partnership to you.